Key Features

  • Language Partnership Programme for first year students to enhance English language skills.
  • Intensive bridge course for bridging the knowledge gap of newly-admitted students in personality development and communication skill before the commencement of the first-year classes
  • Promotion of participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities: Encourages student participation in various activities under the guidance of separate committees.
  • ICT (Information & Technology)-enabled teaching methods to improve teaching and learning efficiency, and to create long-lasting memory/correlation of a concept in the mind of the learner.
  • Online Education and Research Centre (OERC) that offers computing and internet services and reprographic facility to staff and students.
  • Digitalized e-library and INFLIBNET facility that serves as a gateway for the dissemination of open source journals and e-books.
  • Student-Mentoring system where each student is assigned to a mentor who monitors his/her academic and personal growth and offers academic counselling.

Additional Learning and Personality-Development Inputs

  • Value-based education: to provide motivation and guidance to students and to build character which is beneficial for the growth of both the individual and the society in general.
  • Language Leadership Lab: to help students to improve their English language skills and soft skills so that they can communicate effectively.
  • Additional Skill-Oriented Programmes: Communicative Skill development, Life Skills Enhancements, Entrepreneurial Skill development, and guidance for competitive examinations by experts in the respective fields.
  • Physical Education: To develop teamwork, self-discipline, sportsmanship, leadership and social commitment in students. Students are trained in various games such as handball, basketball, football, badminton, cricket, sports & games, with special attention to yoga.
  • Personality Development Programmes & Job Acquisition Skills: include communication skills, interpersonal skills, goal setting, team working, group discussions, time management, leadership skills, interview skills, public speaking.

Various Clubs and Activities Mandatory participation for each student in various clubs, including:

  • Debate/Media Clubs
  • Sports Club
  • Science Club
  • Nature Club/Eco Club
  • Performing Arts/Theatre and Literary Clubs
  • Women's Study Unit
  • Entrepreneurship Development Club